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"A famous explorer once said that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I'd finally set out to make my mark - to find adventure. But instead, adventure found me. When all seemed lost, I found a truth, and I knew what I must become."
— Lara, reflecting on the shipwreck.
Lara Croft
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Gender Female
Nationality British



Lara Croft is an English archeologist and the main protagonist in the 2013 series reboot, Tomb Raider. Fresh from education and in search of lost relics, a 21-year-old Lara Croft journeys to an island off the coast of Japan aboard the Endurance, a salvage vessel helmed by Captain Conrad Roth.


Early LifeEdit

Tumblr m7a4wlXLal1rni2eho1 500

Lara, prior to the shipwreck.

When Lara was young she traveled with her parents on many of their archaeological expeditions. These expeditions and the mysteries they uncovered helped her shape the woman she was becoming. It was on one of these expeditions where her father and her mother vanished and have since been presumed dead.

Lara decided that she wanted to earn her own way and would apply to the University College London (UCL). This decision required her to pay her tuition and rent by working multiple jobs. Although this was a tougher choice, it helped Lara become more grounded, down to earth and level headed than she might otherwise have been.

Becoming a student at UCL also kept her with Sam, Lara's friend since boarding school. It was because of Sam's free spirit and wild streak that Lara was able to experience much more of London than just the unviersities and museums that she loved so much. Their desire for adventure drew them both toward the expedition aboard the Endurance.

When Lara was 21 years old, she set out on her first expedition aboard the ship Endurance to find the lost Japanese kingdom of Yamatai, home to the legendary shaman queen Himiko, dubbed the "Sun Queen", and said to hold mystical power. Traveling with Lara are Conrad Roth, Joslin Reyes, Alex Weiss, Jonah Maiava, Grim Grimaldi, Samantha Nishimura, and Dr. James Whitman. By Lara's suggestion, and against Whitman's advice, the group begin searching in the Dragon's Triangle, an area infamous for missing ships and violent storms.

Stranded on the IslandEdit

"Is anyone listening? Please respond."
— Lara to a radio, hoping for communication.
2013-03-07 00006

Lara emerges into daylight.

While venturing through the Dragon's Triangle, the Endurance is struck by a violent storm and splits in two, stranding everyone on an isolated island. Lara attempts to reach the rest of the group, but is captured by a strange, savage man and trapped in his cave home. Lara manages to escape, but is wounded in the process via a metal bar that impales her lower left abdomen and causes the cave to collapse, killing her captor.


Lara reaching for a bow.

As she begins searching the island for the other survivors, she hears strange chanting sounds and comes across ritualistic carvings, along with further signs of habitation. She eventually finds Sam and a man called Mathias, who claims to be a survivor of the island from a previous wreck. As Sam tells Mathias the legend of Himiko, Lara falls asleep due to exhaustion and awakens to find both Mathias and Sam gone from the camp.

Lara sets off to search for them but gets caught in a bear trap. She is promptly attacked by wolves, but manages to fend them off with her bow. Grim, Whitman, Alex, Reyes and Jonah come to her rescue immediately after she kills three of the wolves, freeing her from the bear trap. Afterward, Lara explains that she had been separated from Sam, who was with the man named Mathias. Whitman volunteers to accompany Lara to Roth's location while the others spread out to search for Sam.

Lara and Whitman discover a gate with strange symbols painted on it, the most prominent being what Whitman interprets as Himiko. The two manage to pry it open, slipping through before it closes. Inside, Lara and Whitman come across a shrine, confirming that their location could be part of Yamatai. Soon after, the two are ambushed by hostiles, and Lara is separated from Whitman.

Cry for HelpEdit

Lara: "I had to kill some of them. I had no choice..."
Roth: "That can't have been easy."
Lara: "It's scary just how easy it was."
— Lara communicating with Roth via radio about the ruins.
Vladmir and lara

Vladmir and Lara, before her escape.

Moments after being captured, thanks to a crew member's outburst, Lara escapes while avoiding getting spotted by the well-armed inhabitants of the island. After dodging past guards while her hands are still bound, she hides in one of the ruined huts to avoid the rest of the men. Unfortunately, the same man who captured her, Vladimir, locates and begins to harass her. The two brawl for their lives, with Lara emerging as the victor when she shoots Vladimir in the head after freeing herself of her bonds, but is visibly scarred and shaken by her act of carnage when Vladimir dies a slow death.

After his death, Lara decided to harden up and presses on after retrieving her bow and keeping the pistol. She wastes no chances to kill the hostile men standing in the way, quickly understanding that killing is necessary to survive. Lara eventually escapes the men and climbs to safety through a gap in a rock wall.

Wolf DenEdit

Lara: "Thank God you're alive."
Roth: "That god's got nothing to do with it."
— Lara and Roth, reunited.

Lara tends to Roth.

Lara eventually happens upon Roth, who is fending off a wolf attack with his pistols. When the wolves finally retreat, Lara immediately comes to his aid and sees that his leg is badly injured. While he insists that they need to retrieve his pack from the wolves for a transmitter, Lara argues that he needs treatment for his leg, to which Roth replies that all his medical equipment (such as morphine and bandages) is also in his pack.

Roth promptly faints from blood loss, and Lara has to drag him into his makeshift camp before she gathers her resolve to pursue the wolves. After climbing the cliffs by the waterfall, Lara happens upon the wolf den. She lights her torch and immediately delves into the cave, murmuring hopelessly to the wolves that she was only there for the pack they had stolen. Following the beeping of the transmitter, Lara eventually finds the pack and grabs it to make an escape.

Suddenly, a wolf leaps out of the shadows and grabs hold of her leg with its jaws. Lara shakes the wolf off and then grabs an arrow from her quiver as it continues its assault, and then proceeds to stab it repeatedly in the heart until it falls on top of her, dead.


Roth: "You can do it, Lara. After all, you're a Croft."
Lara: "I don't think I'm that kind of Croft."
Roth: "Sure you are. You just don't know it yet."
— Roth encouraging Lara to climb to the radio tower.
2452300-203160 screenshots 2013-03-05 00022

Lara climbs the radio tower.

Lara returns to Roth's side and applies her medical know-how to his leg. He awakens possibly an hour later, praising her for pursuing the pack in his stead. But then he faces her with another problem: they must transmit an SOS to whomever might be looking for them.

After reassuring Lara that she could climb up to the radio tower, Roth gifts her with his climbing axe so she could climb the rock faces with ease. She leaves him behind at his camp to begin the trek up to the tower. She makes it to a base of Japanese make in World War II and proceeds to kill the men guarding it. Once Lara makes it through to the radio panel that Alex had spoken to her earlier about, she discovers that it's too old and broken to work. After radioing Alex, she is told that she must climb the very tower itself to manually transmit the SOS.

Lara leaves the base to find that it has begun to snow, which is strange as it had been very warm out not long ago. She also encounters hostiles outside and kills them all before she climbs a near-horizontal rope to the radio tower. There, she begins to climb the withered metal of the structure until she reaches the top and the box to manually transmit the signal.

A Survivor is BornEdit

"I've been so blind... so naive. For years I resented my father, doubted him like the rest. But he was right about so much. I just wish I could tell him that now. There are so many mysteries that I once dismissed as mere stories. But the line between our myths and truth is fragile and blurry. I need to find answers... I must understand."
— Lara, after her escape from Yamatai.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Although Lara is generally a quiet academic and a former 'London Posh Girl', she is friendly by nature. Lara can be serious, but smiles a lot, most shown when around Conrad Roth, who she has a daughter/mentor relationship with, and Sam, who is her best friend.She gets along well with all the crew members seen in game, save for Reyes who believes Lara's theories will get them in trouble and Whitman whom Lara used to admire, however she began to resent him after learning of his selfish nature. As a result, Lara wants to save everyone, even though she isn't capable of doing so.

Compared to the previous versions, this new Lara is much more timid and unsure about herself. While it is implied that Lara has been through some rough things before (like climbing a mountain, mentioned by Conrad Roth), Lara had never needed to kill to survive prior to Yamatai. However, Lara displays perseverance, and while she shows fear at certain points, she never gives up. After her first kill, Lara is emotionally shaken, but quickly adapts to killing, understanding that it is a necessity to survive the island.

Lara is also inquisitive and extremely interested in ancient history, showing vast knowledge in the field as a result of earning a bachelor degree at UCL.

After her first stint on Yamatai, Lara becomes more assertive when presented with challenges. She begins to display a cold, calculated, and deadly demeanour during times of danger, even insulting her foes at times before killing and/or defeating them.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Lara wears a grey-blue tank top over a white one, tan cargo pants and dark boots. like her original counterpart, she has brown eyes and thick layered brown hair (which she keeps tied up in a pony tail). She stands roughly 5'6" (167cm) tall.

As the game progresses, her clothes begin to show some wear and tear, and her upper-body becomes more and more scarred, as a result of her experiences on the island.

Lara wears a jade pendant around her neck, which was her "first real find" back when she was five years old.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Lara took gymnastics when she was younger. As a result, she is quite acrobatic (though not quite as much as her original counterpart) and has good finesse, performing wall scrambles to reach higher levels or swinging on cloth banners as if it were a trapeze. As she hardens into a survivor, she can combine her scramble move to attack enemies in their weak spots.

Lara has some experience in first aid, which she learned during her time working as a barmaid. She was able to treat Roth's leg which had been mauled by a pack of wolves. She was also able to tend to her own wounds which she received on the island.

Lara also shows resourcefulness, using salvage found around various parts of Yamatai to improve her weapons. This is shown clearly when she discovers a metal rod in a nearby bunker when searching for a way to light the fuel to signal the plane, strapping it to her torch to remove her reliance on lit objects. Another example is when she uses a nearby grenade launcher to kill a Solarii at the burning stronghold, later strapping it to her assault rifle. Lara Is also able to use her environment, throwing dirt in the face to stun foes, and use rocks to kill them.

Lara has vast knowledge of East Asian history and culture, as shown when she could read the scroll inside the hilt of the katana, which is used by the storm guard general to commit seppuku. She could also identify the origin and time period of many of the relics on the island.


  • This incarnation of Lara has similarities to the character John Rambo.
    • Both wear Jade pendants, though both have different reasons.
    • Lara and Rambo both receive a stomach wound, caused by impalement. Both later cauterize the wound themselves.
    • Both suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is explored as a theme within their respective media (Rambo in First Blood and Lara in Rise of the Tomb Raider)
  • Rhianna Pratchett has stated in an interview that a part of her would have loved to make Lara a lesbian Template:Fact, and that she liked how fans had speculated about the relationship between Lara and Sam. It is unknown if anything will ever come of this as Lara's sexuality is never directly stated during the game.


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