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"Alexander The Great collected treasures from all over the world. A Majority went to his library in Egypt, But his most prized possessions went here... The Luna Temple"

-Lara Croft to Gus, Jimmy and Nicholas Petraki regarding the hidden Luna Temple

LVNA Temple
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Located Greece
Locations within Alexander's Treasure Chamber
Residents Formely Alexander The Great
Artifacts Mati

The Luna Temple is an ancient Greek Temple created by legendary Greek Knight Alexander the Great to house his most prized treasures and possessions. It is a location which appears in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

The Petraki Twins and Lara CroftEdit

"Lara this place is about to collapse, Hurry"

-Jimmy Petraki to Lara as the Luna Temple begins to collapse from the water level

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The Current's Change indicating the location of the Luna Temple

In 2003 the Luna Temple is uncovered on the Mediterranean ocean surrounding the villa islands of Greece. Lara meets with the Greek Raider Family the Petraki's and along with the
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Lara Amelia Croft in the Luna Temple

two Petraki Brothers: Nicholas and James Petraki descends into the Luna Temple.

Once inside the two Petraki Twins begin to ransack the golden chalices, goblets and galleons within the Luna Temple whilest Lara begins to attempt to procur the Pandora's Box map built by Alexander: Mati.

The Shay Ling and the thievery of the MatiEdit

The Hong Kong crime gang the Shay Ling under the authorization of bio-terrorist/former scientist Jonathen Reiss invade the Luna Temple and slit the throats of the two raiding Greek Brothers Jimmy and Nicholas.

Lara drops the Mati from its chandelier alcove and loses it to a Shay Ling agent who procurs it.

Lara causes the collapse of the temple as she shoots down two of three large pillars suspending the Luna Temple.

Lara and the Shay Ling agent escape the collapsing Luna Temple.



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