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Anniversary levels

This article is about the level in Anniversary. For the level in Tomb Raider, see Caves.

Peru - Mountain Caves is the first level of Anniversary. In it, Lara relives her explorations in Peru in search of the Scion of Qualopec...


See Peru - Mountain Caves.


Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Qualopec Entrance
  • Peruvian Caves



Tomb Raider Anniversary - Time Trial 1Tomb Raider Anniversary - Time Trial 1.1 - Peru - Mountain Caves(05:25)
Spoiler free walk-through
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Tomb Raider Anniversary - 1Tomb Raider Anniversary - 1.1 - Peru - Mountain Caves - Relic Artifact(06:47)
Secret Locations
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